Maine State STEM Librarian Christina Dorman attaches a water pump to her RoboPot during a leaders' training workshop. She has since led two groups of students in creating RoboPots.

Grants are open!  Gizmo Garden now is providing Maine schools, libries, and after-school programs with grants of equipment for the RoboPots project on a rolling-application basis.  For a list of schools and libraries already approved to receive grants, click the "2018 Recipients" button.

Want RoboPots?

If you're a Mainer who is interested in leading a RoboPots program at your library, school, or after-school program:

  1. Drop us an email and tell us about how you'd like to use the program. 
  2. We'll arrange for you to try out creating your own RoboPot, so that you can make sure it's a good fit for your students.  
  3. We'll discuss with you specifics like age group, facilities, and your plan to assure gender balance
  4. Gizmo Garden will order the parts, will perform final assembly steps like pre-loading software, and will kit the parts for easy classroom use.  Then we will deliver or ship the kits to you.

If you have alternative project ideas you'd like to submit to for consideration of financial support, we'd be glad to hear them.  You can see other types of projects we have supported in the past by clicking the "2017 Recipients" button.