Gender Balance

Who Touches the Robots?

Girls enjoy robot building just as much as boys, but in mixed-gender teams, they don't get as much hands-on time.   See what Dartmouth researchers learned.

What Happened in 1984?

Until 1984, the percentage of graduates in computer science who were women was accelerating just as fast as in the field of medicine or law.  Then contrary to continuing upward trend in medicine and law, female graduates in computer science nosedived.  Women didn't suddenly become less capable  -- so what happened?

Robotics programs that culminate in an exhibition rather than a competition motivate a wider range of students, according to professors from MIT and Wellesley.

Creative is Inclusive

When shown the above photos, twice as many girls would prefer to build the creative robot, and twice as many boys would prefer to build the bare-metal robot.  After actually building the creative robots, both boys and girls report equally high enjoyment, according to Dartmouth research.  Read more about how creative projects are inclusive.   

Decor Makes a Difference

Simple changes to this classroom's décor can make girls three times more likely to sign up for a computer science class in it.  What changes would you make?