About Gizmo Garden

A Maine Limited Liability Company

Gizmo Garden LLC supports gender-balanced technology education with a particular focus on Maine.  The primary volunteers are Bill and Judy Silver of Nobleboro, Maine.  Bill runs the technical aspects and Judy takes care of strategy and media.  Bill received BS and MS degrees in electrical engineering from MIT and holds six dozen patents.  He is co-founder and Senior Fellow Emeritus of Cognex Corporation (CGNX), which makes machine vision systems.  Judy received a BS in physics and worked in publishing & marketing management before raising a family.

Several of the projects described on this website were created by Michael Lee.  He received a PhD in Physics from Glasgow University in Scotland.  Since moving to Maine, Mike worked at Skidompha Library before moving to Lincoln Academy.

Sending project kits to students across Maine takes significant skilled effort in soldering, software loading, and kit assembly, and helping us with that is Zach Nelson of Woolwich.  Zach has lived on both coasts of the USA, in 5 different states, and briefly Japan.  He is plagued by curiosity and has always had a knack for taking things apart and figuring out how they work.  He is an artist and musician, and through his love of sound ended up learning how to build, repair, and modify musical equipment.  Eventually he started working for The Music Center in Brunswick Maine in 2011 and took over doing all the repairs of amplifiers, guitars, and other gizmos and gadgets.  Zach has an Associates Degree in Electrical Engineering Tech from Southern Maine Community College and is currently working for Texas Instruments in South Portland as an Equipment Technician where he maintains Diffusion furnaces for the manufacturing of semiconductor devices. 

Grants Committee

In addition to Bill & Judy Silver, the 2017 Grants Committee includes: 

  • Andrew Finneman, Executive Director of the Lincoln Theater in Damariscotta.  Andrew holds a PhD in education.
  • Pam Gormley, Executive Director of Skidompha Public Library and member of the board of trustees at Lincoln Academy.
  • Paula Schuster, Teacher at Nobleboro Central School and parent of a student who attended numerous Gizmo Garden programs.


Gizmo Garden programs would not exist without a remarkable crew of volunteers.  We appreciate their enthusiasm and dedication.

Skidompha Library in Damariscotta, Maine, is Gizmo Garden's foundational partner.  We are indebted to their support.  Gizmo Garden curricula also have run at the following locations: