Our Partners

Skidompha Library

Our foundational partner is Skidompha Library in Damariscotta, Maine.  Skidompha believed in Gizmo Garden's gender-balanced vision from inception, and has supported us with their facilities, staff, publicity, and trust.

"Gizmo Mike" Lee has grabbed that baton and moved it even further with additional innovative programs.  During April break of 2017, Mike inaugurated the first Gizmo Sprouts program for 5th-7th graders.  During his "Print-a-Pet" adventure, students sketched, scanned, and 3D printed an animal of their choice.  Then they added flashing LED eyes, wagging servomotor tails & wings, and beeping sounds.

Mike's first summer 2017 program was so popular that he ran it twice.  In this "Robopots" program, students created custom clay pots, filled them with spider plants, and then rigged up pumps for an automatic watering system.

Also, during that summer, Mike ran a drop-in wearable technology program for high schoolers.  Students decorated hats, scarves, and ties with flashing lights.  We can't wait to see what Mike develops in the future!

Bowdoin College's Upward Bound

During the summer of 2016, Gizmo Garden went to college.  Under lead instructor Jamie McGhee, we ran the Gizmo Parade curriculum for high school juniors and seniors attending Bowdoin's Upward Bound program.