RoboPots at a Glance

Craft a clay plant pot and paint it to express your personality.  Then rig the electronics to make it automatically self watering.

You'll wire up a microcontroller that will count to 24 hours.  Then it will send a voltage signal to a transistor you have inserted, thereby switching on a water pump.  It's a splashing good time!

There is no charge for Gizmo Garden programs.  This program generally is appropriate for grades 5-8.  Host libraries and schools may have additional guidelines and registration requirements.

RoboPots around Maine

Here are photos of kids creating RoboPots at locations in Maine.  If you'd like your Maine school or library to create RoboPots, ask your teacher or librarian to contact us.

Skidompha Library, Damariscotta

Bristol Consolidated School

Boothbay Harbor Memorial Library

Merrill Memorial Library, Yarmouth