Invisible Xylophone at a Glance

New for 2018:  Create a wand that plays music when you wave it -- an Invisible Xylophone!  Then decorate the wand to express your own personality.

  • Create an Invisible Xylophone that beeps a tune as you wave a wand
  • Connect sensors that detect the wand’s motion
  • Add a light that changes color
  • Attach a speaker that beeps notes
  • Arrange graphical computer code letting the wand control the speaker
  • Decorate the wand to express your own personality

Feathers provide the flair and the brains of this student’s Invisible Xylophone. On the wand tip is an accelerometer that sends info on the wand’s motion to a microcontroller called Feather (made by @adafruit ). Students write Scratch code so that as the decorative feathers and flowers move, the brainy Feather signals a speaker to beep out corresponding notes. ...#mainestem #learntocode #mitscratch #arduino #electronic #maine #mainelibraries #bathmaine #midcoastmaine #projectbasedlearning #electronics #girlswhocode #girlsintech #girlsinstem #gizmogarden #thisiswhatalibrarylookslike #codingisfun

Posted by Gizmo Garden on Tuesday, September 4, 2018

You'll attach to the end of a wand an accelerometer and a gyroscope that send signals to a microcontroller, which in turn is wired to a speaker.  Then you'll write code in the Scratch programming language so that the speaker beeps when the wand is swiped down, generating a pitch controlled by the wand's angle.

This program is generally appropriate for grades 6-9, though the hosting libraries and schools may have additional guidelines and registration requirements.

Using Scratch code and a microcontroller, you can create an Invisible Xylophone. An accelerometer and gyro on the end of the wand send info on the wand’s position to the microcontroller, which then signals the speaker to beep out a corresponding pitch. Good times at @pattenfree in #bathmaine....#stemeducation #maine #mainething #electronic #arduino #arduinoproject #mitscratch #learntocode #codingisfun #mainemakers #mainelibraries

Posted by Gizmo Garden on Tuesday, August 28, 2018