RoboPots Guide #4 – Plumbing

In the plumbing section, you'll attach input and output hoses to your RoboPot and will fill your water reservoir.  Then you'll connect batteries and make sure that the microcontroller is receiving power.  Finally, you'll begin pumping water, and will adjust the duration of the watering using your dial.

The video series including the plumbing video embedded here may be the only information you need to lead a casual RoboPots program.  However, you can access Step-by-Step directions by clicking the Downloads button.

Optional Ad-Ons

Teachers looking for more depth can add the following optional topics during the mechanical section.

  • The Biology of a plant's water use in Photosynthesis
  • The Environmental role of batteries in Clean Energy
  • The Math skill of Estimating pump flow volume

You can find information on these cross-curricular tie-ins in the Step-by-Step document, which you can access by clicking the Downloads button.