RoboPots Guide #2 – Electronics

In the Electronics section of creating a RoboPot, you'll assemble a circuit that carries current from the power supply through the pump, and back to the power supply.  Into that circuit, you'll add a transistor switch for turning the circuit (and thus the pump) on and off.  For automatically controlling that switch, you'll insert a microcontroller, which you'll protect from accidentally getting too much current by adding a resistor.

The video embedded here includes an important animation of how current flows through the RoboPot circuit.  This video and the others in the series may be the only information you'll need in order to lead a casual RoboPots program.  However, you can access Step-by-Step instructions by clicking the Downloads button.

Optional Add-Ons

Teachers looking for more depth can add the following optional topics during the electronics section.

  • The Math of Ohm's Law
  • The Chemistry of a semiconductor transistor switch
  • The Physical Science of heat transfer

You can find information on these cross-curricular tie-ins in the Step-by-Step document, which you can access by clicking the Downloads button.