Maine Focus

Gizmo Garden concentrates on our home state of Maine.  Why?  For every new Computer Science graduate in Maine, there are roughly twelve in-state open computing jobs.  The Maine Department of Labor projects that computing jobs will grow 9% over the next decade, coming in slightly behind healthcare jobs (also about 9%) as the clear leaders in percentage projected growth.   Maine employers need more technology workers.

But the tech workforce challenge is made even more complex by the fact that Maine's computing gender gap is distinctly worse than that of the nation as a whole.  Read more about it by clicking the green button below.

"The great improvements to come in energy, the environment, transportation, healthcare, and many other fields may well grow from this Gizmo Garden."  -- US Senator Susan Collins.

“Gizmo Garden – what a great idea!  STEM, innovation, creativity, technology, all rolled into one and to have some fun at the same time." -- US Senator Angus King

I constantly hear the challenges facing [Maine] employers to find workers for computer science and information technology (IT) jobs.

-- Jason Judd, Educate Maine