Inclusive Engineering

Artists & athletes, musicians & mathematicians -- all should have the opportunity to discover the fun of engineering.  Gizmo Garden supports Maine teachers, librarians, and after-school leaders in making project-based engineering welcoming to a variety of students.

Creative & Non-Competitive

Gizmo Garden supports projects that are likely to make a diverse array of students feel that they belong and can succeed, rather than programs likely to attract only students comfortable in the stereotypical geek/nerd environment.  Surveys of our 6th-12th-grade students reveal that the two factors mattering most in that regard are:

  1. Creativity:  Students attribute a sense of belonging to uniting both artistic and technical elements, allowing self-expression through both arts and electronics.
  2. Exhibition rather than competition:  Students attribute a sense of belonging to being able to show their creations to parents and friends, as opposed to having to compete with other students.

Technically Rigorous

Don't let the fun elements of Gizmo Garden fool you.  Our aim is not only to attract a diverse group of students, but also to give them serious preparation for a tech-based world.  In particular, Gizmo Garden supports programs that teach electronics, robotics, and coding.